The Great Big Chess Game in the Sky

You know all about this game. It’s the one you’ve played over and over many times. You plan out your day. Each moment. Each result predetermined. You know what this person is gonna say, how that person is gonna react and whatyou are gonna say in response.

It’s like the perfect day.  Except for one thing.

It never happened. It was all in your imagination.

We have all laid in bed at night before something important and played the Great Big Chess Game in the Sky. You know each move, can react to any possibility and you are 10 steps ahead.

Or are you?

While I am a sucker for preparation – and I most certainly have played my fair share of the Great Big Chess Games in the Sky – it’s important to remember that life is not played in your imagination. It is played in the moment.

Being ever ready for the changing tide is what is important here.

Being in the moment and responding as things come up is what is important.

No matter how perfect the game goes in your mind – be prepared to play the cards that are dealt to you. Not the cards you wish you had.


Nir Bashan is an executive creative director with over 17 years of advertising, entertainment and business development experience.  He writes on topics covering advertising, media, creative solutions and workforce management. |

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