Brexit and You

This week the UK voted to leave the European Union. What was once thought of as an unshakable bond has been broken. No matter what your political stance is on such things, the underlining truth is that change is inevitable. It’s such a cliché these days that folks say it without thinking about what it means.

It reminds me of what I often tell my team -- the only thing they can count on inbusiness is change. Things change everyday. From creatives that come and go to the scope of the project getting pushed and pulled, change is inevitable.

Clients demands change – their valuation of your work changes – and the environment where the work is shown changes.Your audience changes and their attention span for media changes too.

I have noticed some of the best people in our business adapt quickly and have learned to embrace change. Here are a few of their secrets I have picked up and used myself by watching those I admire deal with change:

Go with the Flow

When you know that things are in flux, don’t be afraid to go with it. Being ridged is a terminal disease you catch by not being flexible.

Understand that Change is Necessary & Natural

If it wasn’t we would be doing the same thing over and over again.

It Keeps You Fresh

I feel the same way about competition. I love it. It keeps me and my shop fresh and relevant in a world that is cluttered with disjointed messaging and art. Change will keep you second guessing your work and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Positivity is Key

The most effective tool to deal with change is something you don’t have to buyIt’s free. It’s easy. It's a positive outlook. It's really simple but powerful. Be positive and enthusiastic about what is next.

You can’t Control Change

This is the one that gets most people. We tend to get comfortable in our patterns of daily routine, but these are only temporary ‘bubbles’ that come and go.


Another terminal disease we pick up that leads nowhere fast. Decisions based out of fear kill innovation, positivity and morale.


No matter what ends up happening to the EU on this eve of momentous change, the one thing I think we can all carry with us is that change is on the horizon. It’s up to us to adapt or perish. Which way will you go?


Nir Bashan is an executive creative director with over 16 years of advertising, entertainment and business development experience.  He writes on topics covering digital advertising, media, creative solutions and workforce management. |

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