Gaining Perspective

We live in a world that runs at full speed at all times. And sometimes the temptation is to keep up. No matter what. And in that continual drive is a constant reminder that we need to do better. Accomplish more. Keep achieving. Keep going.

 But what we lose is the ability to see things for what they are. 

What are we accomplishing? What are we achieving? Where are we going?

These are questions that are seldom asked while in the middle of the grind. The details can blind your sight.

But by taking some time to widen your perspective – to broaden your viewpoint – you will begin to see a cohesive picture emerge.

Instead of spending time looking at the details of the puzzle pieces, look at how all of the pieces interact together to make up the whole. The perspective you gain will give you the ability to see things for what they are.


Nir Bashan is an executive creative director with over 18 years of advertising, entertainment and business development experience. He writes on topics covering advertising, media, creative solutions and workforce management. |

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