Mistakes are the Equity of Business

When I started out in the creative business, I would do everything in my power not to make a mistake. I would double check my work. Go over things with a fine tooth comb. Even double or triple check the delivery. While these things are good to do, what was really going on was fear. A fear I could not control.

This fear was so strong that it often overtook the point of creating the work in the first place. In other words, I was more afraid of mistakes than the actual work. 

So what happened?

The work suffered. It was sub par. It wasn't very good. And it lead to more heartache and tears than anything.

You see, mistakes are the equity of our business. Much like the Polio vaccine, letting mistakes happen can have profound positive effects. 

But you must drive back that fear. You must hold it at arms length.

Allow yourself to fail. 

Because at the end of the day, anything born out of fear is destined to failure. Go ahead and make a few mistakes. You just might find that they turn out to be anything but mistakes.


Nir Bashan is an executive creative director with over 18 years of advertising, entertainment and business development experience. He writes on topics covering advertising, media, creative solutions and workforce management. http://www.nirbashan.com/blog | nir.bashan1@gmail.com

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