Creativity & innovation DEMYSTIFIED

Learn how to unlock the secrets of creativity to fuel innovation in your business. Soar to new heights of profitability boundless in potential. And master how to reach the heart of consumers to make a lasting impact.

In a series of groundbreaking keynotes, Nir shows you why creativity is the missing ingredient in your business. And perhaps most importantly, how to capture missing creativity in all that you do.


The Creator Mindset

Customized for Leadership, Sales and Marketing

Best Audiences: Conferences, Corporate Events, Associations, Conference Openings, Sales Meetings, Leadership Events


Most people today are operating with only half their potential brain power. 50% of their capacity — at best.  And it doesn’t matter what new brain power enhancing vitamins you are taking.  Or what new healthy diet you are on.  

The fact remains that the vast majority of staff and leadership today are operating at half their potential, forever wondering why their sales are lackluster, why their careers are stalled or why their companies cannot grow.

Yet it was so different when we were children. We were all so creative, but as we drift into the adult world creativity became less and less prominent in who we are. As we neglect our creative impulse to solve problems, we end up in situations that are problematic. Always looking for a way forward but never finding it. There has to be a better way.

And that better way is creativity.

Learning Objectives:

  • Staff and leadership learn 3 fresh new ways creativity can close sales

  • Nir helps tear down silos once and for all

  • Attendees leave with actionable tools for effective growth

  • Explore tips on how creativity helps deal with change

  • Attendees learn how to use creativity to extract higher profits from revenue

  • Make ideas connect effectively to your customer


The holy trinity of creativity

Customized for Leadership, Sales and Training

Best Audiences: Sales Conferences, Associations, Sales Meetings, Leadership Events, Kickoffs & Training Sessions


There is a widespread belief out there that creativity comes out of thin air.  That it just appears like a mirage to those lucky enough to get inspired.  

But nothing can be further from the truth.  

There is a recipe to creativity. And I teach it to your orginization in this keynote. It will excite your staff, your leadership and your customers into a new and uncharted realm of prosperity. But it has been a long guarded secret held by just a few people in an ivory tower of isolation.

Until now.

This keynote inspires staff to reach higher. Go further. Outwit the competition. It is the recipe that I have developed in three easy steps on the “how” of manufacturing ideas that are monetizable. We admire folks like Steve Jobs. And think of them as being untouchable with their level of creativity. People admire creativity whenever they encounter it. They wish they could be creative. If they just knew how. But the truth is that anyone can do it. You just need to learn the “how”.

Learning Objectives:

  • Newly empowered and inspired staff/leadership now given tools to soar above competition

  • Less frustration and more success formula revealed

  • Attendees learn the “how” of creativity and a successful implementation plan

  • Learn 4 new ways creativity can outwit the competition

  • Explore tips on how creativity helps deal with change

  • Understand the psychology behind creativity


Bach and Mozart on Teamwork

Customized for Sales and Marketing

Best Audiences: Associations, Sales Meetings, Leadership Events, Keynote Closing/Opening, Dinners/Lunch


Every musical note ever sounded still echos in the universe today. Bach and Mozart pieces are still in the ethos, they just sound at ever diminishing volumes.

Not another banal keynote about working together as a team, this talk inspires staff and leadership with a sense of purpose so that they understand that their work is of lasting value.

Because in the realm of creativity, we learn that all actions are interconnected. Because when we think creatively about what it is that we do — we develop a more effective way of understanding how our product or service affects customers.

And how that ultimately leads to more sales.

It may shock you to learn that your customers might not be buying because you are not creative.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how ‘teamwork’ really does make the ‘dream work’

  • Rethink how every action effects others

  • Reveal the magic of creativity as a glue that bonds a company

  • Learn Nir’s ‘Chain of Endless Connectivity’ and how to better close sales

  • Explore a fail-proof strategy to engage new clients

  • Reexamine relationships with customers to maximize leverage and meaning