The secret of CREATIVITy revealed

A fresh approach to solving problems.




I have spent a lifetime hearing the word “no”.

I heard it when I wanted to go to college but my grades were too low. It will never happen they told me. You’re just not smart enough. But I did get into college. And a fancy university at that.

Then when I graduated I was told no — no way — you would never make it in the film business. You just don’t have this skill or that ability. But I did work in the film industry. And I ended up working on some great films and sold some for a pretty profit.

Later when I worked my way up in corporate America I was told no — no possible way — you will NEVER be a CEO of a company. You just aren’t good enough — you just don’t have what it takes.

Yet today I am a CEO of a company.

Because in each case when I was told ‘no’, I chose instead to hear ‘yes’. Yes there is a way.

And that way is always creativity.

Because no matter what goal I had wanted to achieve in life, I was able to achieve it with creativity. And I always wondered how I was able to do it. I am not particularly smart. Or handsome. Or cunning.

But what I am is creative.

And this is the type of creativity I teach. It’s not about the type of creativity most people think about. Which is painting. Or music. Or dance.

I am instead an expert on creativity that will help you achieve your goals in the world of business: The Creator Mindset.

The Creator Mindset can move mountains. It just takes the will to learn. How do I know? Because it worked for me. It continues to work for me and helps me build my dreams. And it is a spring of continual wealth.

A wealth that now I want to share with you.

So come along on this journey to activate creativity in all that you do. I am certain that you will be glad you came. I know it has worked for me. And I know, with every fiber of my being, that it will work for you, too.



  • Clio award winner and Emmy nominated writer

  • I have 8 toes

  • Author of “The Creator Mindset” April 2020. McGraw / Hill

  • CEO of TCM Consulting Group

  • Adjunct University Professor even though my grades were terrible

  • Sold several entertainment properties grossing millions in revenue after being told no, no, no

  • Proud father to a miracle baby boy (which you can see on the blog page under “Everyone’s a Critic”) and loving husband of over 20 years to my wife

  • Lifelong West Ham fan

  • Nir has not one but two Bernedoodle dogs that are siblings from the same litter. One is over 100 lbs, the other is just 54 lbs