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A recent report in INC. found that 74% of employees and CEOs feel they are not living up to their creative potential at work. There is a serious shortage of creativity in business today.

So I have spent a lifetime helping companies get more creative. Because today, more than ever, as the economy shifts from the industrial to the idea economy, staff and leadership need to be prepared, taught and encouraged to seek creativity in all they do.

Because a Creator Mindset is the missing element of how to bring in new customers, how to effectively create more revenue and how to ultimately close more meaningful business.




The Creator Mindset

McGraw / Hill is releasing Nir Bashan’s groundbreaking new book, “The Creator Mindset: 63 tools to unlock the secrets to innovation, growth and sustainability” in late April, 2020.

Written in Nir’s signature relaxed style and full of case studies, the definitive and well researched work proves that the missing element from all enterprise today is creativity.

From the farmer to the real estate professional, from the mortgage broker to the leadership of Fortune 500 firms, this seminal book is the definitive guide on how to imbed creativity across your organization for anyone. Learn how to trigger results that bring new innovation, staggering growth and long term sustainability in an increasingly tumultuous economy.

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Who knew creativity could be so profitable?
— K. Beyer, Principal, Cognizant Consulting
We enjoyed an increase of 12% in Q2 sales after Nir’s consulting. See you again in the fall!
— B. Brockway, Guidewell Health COO
Our employees were still buzzing about the presentation two weeks later. Thank you, Nir!
— J. Chean, CEO, Groundwork Coffee Co.