creativity is a tool designed to outperForm your competition


Today more than ever old theories of economics are becoming more and more antiquated. Tomorrow’s hyper competitive and interconnected world depends on a human element to spark action from your customers. A human element so intrinsic to everything we do that it becomes almost unrecognizable: Until today.  


The SelF- doubt monster

Customized for Leadership, Sales, Marketing and Biz Dev

Best Audiences: Small Business, Sales Meetings, Leadership Events, Breakfast / Dinner


There is a disease that kills far more people than any illness. It’s a disease that lives in all of us, lying dormant waiting for the right moment to strike.

A monster that spreads crushing self-doubt.

It is the monster that attacks me now while I am writing these very words for you to read on my website. Is this paragraph good enough? Are meeting planners going to like this? Should I delete that last sentence?

It’s a natural disease that confronts everyone, and The Creator Mindset has several vaccines designed to control this monster -- one of humanity’s most dangerous and defeating ills.

Learning Objectives:

  • Build new company culture that is based in positivity

  • Learn counter intuitive ways to banish self-doubt

  • Examine low employee engagement and fix it

  • Uncover secrets and techniques to enhance your potential sales

  • Create intimate connection with your customer built on trust

  • Learn how confidence makes your product or service unique


Mistakes are profits in disguise

Customized for Leadership and Sales

Best Audiences: Sales Meetings, Fundraising Organizations, Breakout Groups, Leadership Events, Closing


1928 was one of the worst years on record. The impending great depression will see some of the worst financial times in history, contagious diseases abounded and the scars of a world war were still fresh with another one brewing.

But among all that despair there was still hope.

And it came in the form of a bad mistake which changed the world forever. Because this mistake changed the world for the better. And this mistake was born out of a creative way of seeing the world. Because when everyone seems to be looking in one direction, it’s time for you to look in the other.

And this creative view of the world will enable your business to outperform others no matter what the economic climate is today.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn disruptive methods to improving sales

  • Workshop participants will learn ironclad ways to turn ideas into profit

  • Explore Nir’s concept of ‘Prosperity through the Error’

  • Examine how mistakes can be very valuable if only they are looked at in The Creator Mindset way.

  • Uncover how curiosity born from everyday common items is key to unseen profits

  • Transform the way you look at your product or service in the market


Finding somewhere to park the damn car!

Customized for Leadership, Sales, Marketing and Biz Dev

Best Audiences: Sales Meetings, Breakout Groups, Leadership Events, Closing, Lunch, Dinner, Humorous Lectures


Growing up in Los Angeles made for some great childhood memories. A trip to Disneyland. Universal Studios theme park. The beach trip interrupted by floating sewage. And another monumental memory that has stuck with me to this day:

It was finding a parking spot. Yep. A parking spot.

It was a little victory, and it set up a lifetime of loving parking spots. No, just kidding. But it did set up a lifetime of an appreciation of the little victory and how to use it in any business to get ahead.

Because ensuring that little victories at your business are recognized will energize the entire organization to finally achieve that big win.

Learning Objectives:

  • Find the humor in the day-to-day of your business and learn to be kind to yourself and customers

  • Follow the course of a little victory as it one day ends up being a big victory

  • Perform difficult open heart surgery on your ‘big win’

  • Unlock the easy-peasy ‘little win’

  • Uncover the value of celebration in the workplace

  • See how happiness in small targeted steps breeds a culture of epic success